Monday, April 18, 2011

Sculptures Masks Objects From Dogon

The Musee du Quai Branly displays works of Dogon Country, an opportunity to explore this rich culture. A trip between art and ethnography!

The curator, art specialist Dogon, Helene Leloup, brought together masterpieces from different museums and private collections to showcase the art product on the Dogon plateau. Is the center of Mali, the tenth century to the present, the Dogon Country is a place of encounter and exchange. This exhibition is an opportunity to explore this rich and diverse culture from April 5 to July 24, 2011.

The themes of the Dogon statues
Peoples from this lush land of drought before the thirteenth century have added other people fleeing the Almoravids, the Berber conquerors, or Islamization. Dogon peoples have long been animists.

Dogon statues were exclusively made by blacksmiths, only able to carve religious statues. They create human figures in wood jumpers, maternity, hermaphrodites, and people with raised arms beseeching the God of rain. The statues may be the receptacle of the vital energy of a dead person; in this case it represents the deceased or his rank. They are also used against diseases and for fertility.

Every people in their area or the various waves of immigration have allowed this art to evolve.

The statues of Djennenke are realistic depictions of humans: body elongated, thin nose, bulging eyes, hair in a bun on the crown of braids or Berber, elongated beards, scars checkerboard temples, embroidered cloth around the hips and bracelets.

Style N'duleri is more refined and elegant, influenced by their predecessors Djennenke. Sometimes found in the same scars and checkered cloth embroidered. The sculptures can be large and flexible form, with eyes very close together.

The Tombo were warriors, very independent and thus more isolated. Their objects are different.The articles Niongom have often been found buried. The peculiarity of these statues is the use of the natural shape of the tree branch. The bodies are streamlined, arms glued to the body, round face with sharp features, undershot jaw, nose and eyes arrow button or diamond.

The Tellem pass for magicians. Their statues are stylized, carved on one side, showing schematically symmetrical body with raised arms.

The sculptures Dogon-Mande have asymmetric attitudes.
The Tintam, northern territory, decrying their society through their art: the man with arms raised imploring the ancestors, the warlord, maternity, water carrier. Of more massive, the characteristics are: a belt loincloth, hair shaved in three parts, without slipping, scarification in grid on the temples, eyes close, the collar with an amulet Korte traditional Dogon.

A sculptor Kambara has invented a new form of sculpture of small and medium size: the characters are sitting elbows on knees and hands on the round face without scarring.

The inhabitants of Komakan statues were sketched: arms raised, scarification angled cut on the face.
Masks the anthropologist Marcel Griaule

Marcel Griaule brought the Dogon mask since 1931, to enrich the Museum of Man at the Trocadero in Paris. During his career, Marcel Graule was 68 types of masks representing characters and myths, all elements of the universe. The Dogon use masks Dama (grief surveys) and Sigui (ceremony taking place every 60 years to celebrate the revelation of the Word to men and the first ancestor).

Dogon masks are basically geometric, eyes often rectangle. The mask-story house is perhaps the most surprising. Very high, it is worn by dancers.

Everyday objects
Objects like bowls, stools, doors, looms, spears, jewelry are commonly used, but their decoration is unique and evokes the myths of origin. These pieces are carved in wood and metal.

The Museum Quai Branly, "Dogon" from April 5 to July 24, 2011.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Internet commerce grew in Argentina

The Internet commerce grew last year in Argentina at 48%, to about 1,938 million dollars, highlights a report released today by the Argentina Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE).

The report highlights that growth responds to the increase in the number of Internet users in 2010 reached 26.5 million, and increased choice of goods and services by businesses.

32% of internet users makes commercial transactions online, "said the study also shows that 92% of Web commerce was concentrated among businesses and consumers.

"If we consider that 49.3% of internet users regularly consulted on the web to make their purchase decisions, the amount of generated represent 3% of total retail sales in Argentina and 1.93% GDP (Gross Domestic Product), "said the chairman of the commerce chamber, Patricia Jebsen said in a statement.

He noted that studies business chamber, making it likely that Internet commerce in Argentina will grow "at least" 43% this year to some 2,750 million dollars.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fashion shoes spring

Open shoes, sandals and laces, bands, strips of leather, these are the trends for spring / summer of this year 2010. Heels, gray and neutral colors of the main protagonists.

One of the objects of desire for women are definitely the shoes. Like and say something to us, even when they are sports. And one can certainly define an accessory, even if they are relegated to this category. So do not wait, when you change the season of curiosity, to see and buy. We begin to poke about what awaits us at the foot for the next season.

Heels remain high plateau, open toe and laces, laces, laccini ankles or used to wrap the foot. Some trunks and boots summer, fabric or canvas transparent. Perhaps the novelty are the colors: blue, red and colored fantasies, but also gray, beige and old rose. Some black for the evening.

Blugirl emphasizes the ankle, heel and plateau and many shoes with ankle strap, even with a red "I love you" on a white background.
Footwear ValentinoD & G does not abandon the black, but praised him with canvas mesh that reveals the foot, stopped at the ankle straps or ribbons.
Shoes with black lace stiletto heels instead for Valentino.
Max Mara uses gray and beige in detail boots summer, very close to those of the Can Can, with wide heel and braid intertwined.

Gray in all its shades is best expressed by Emporio Armani, who with his classic days associate the color with elegant shoes that wrap around the foot held by buckles and laces. Armani also proposes the shoe that last season did rage, bringing back to the '80s: the dancer. Colored in green, blue, pink, shiny fabric and extremely flat.

Gucci uses flat sandals with wide belts and straps that wrap the foot, making boots that wrap around to the knee, with shoes Gucciaperture through the use of strips of leather with the same style here and the heel 10 is a must. For shoes with plateau heels and always complete opening at the tip, always taking advantage of the tangled web of straps and thin cross sections, possibly with black jewel detail for the evening and gray for the day. Leather and suede materials used.
Braccialini, the mark of Florence, dedicated to the sea and the cities of the sea (Camogli model, Lerici, Amalfi ...) its new collection: ballet, flat sandals with flower detail the central, high-heeled sandals, blue and brown colors predominate, details as in his colorful style and heels round. Your line is further creative and wedges in rope and fabric, with applications that take over of the awards, making melody to the sea and the rental or tomatoes.

And the big brands spend more fashionable for everyone, but retains the trends of high fashion designers who have also designed for H & M and Zara (see Jimmy Choo). Hazel boots, beige, gold laces, or discoveries that leave the toes and all strictly with high heels. Resists any dancer who has, however, special colors and designs. It now serves only the arrival of spring to be able to choose which of these creations we want to wear.

Monday, March 22, 2010


The feet are the part that we see less of our body but not for that reason less important. We must proporzionarloro due attention to keep them in harmony. Care Hygiene washing them daily and use a pumice stone while bathing to flake off the sole of the foot and heels to prevent callus and harshness.

After they have washed, dry them carefully, especially between the toes, because the moisture makes the appearance of mushrooms. Idratali with special creams that do not lose their softness and elasticity. Use talc antitranspirante.

Do not use shoes or slippers without socks in summer or if you walk a lot, because the excessive moisture in the feet can cause injuries and infections. Here we come to give you some advice for the care and hygiene of the feet.
Do not use the same socks for more than a day if you are perspiring, and regularly wash their shoes. Being barefoot on a clean surface to aid circulation. Choose the appropriate footwear. Should not tighten any of the fingers or be uncomfortable in heels or soles. Do not abuse the shoes with high heels or those who have no arc defined as slippers.

If you notice the appearance of severe hardships or note changes in color or thickness of the skin, consult a podiatrist. He will help you improve the health of your feet.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Moon and Poet

The moon began to tell me what the night sky,
What strange creature is man!
problem its own problems as,
And then Jagta restless, not sleeping.

You know how old I am?
I've been looking for Manu Jnmte - die
And you a million times - the crazy one
Moonlight on the right to sit in the dreams.

Man's dream? Of water that bubble
Today and tomorrow, then split is made
But, still holding blessed person then?
Bubble plays, poetry creates.

I did not bid but my tonality,
See the moon again! You know me?
Dreams are my bubbles? Is that water?
What is the fire you do not recognize?

I do not who dream only right,
Strangled him make fire fighting,
And on that foundation will keep the new house,
Such a wall will raise steel.

No Manu, Manu - son in front of it, which
Edge is imagined in the tongue,
Ideas are not the only arrow,
Dream is also a sword.

To inform the emperor of heaven and --
They are climbing the sky every day,
Stop, remain as to the Swpnwalon,
They only have been heading to heaven

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Common nutrition myth

Myth : Potato chips count as a vegetable.
Fac : While potatoes are found in the vegetable group, potato chips are not. Potato chips are extremely high in fat and should, therefore, only be eaten occasionally.

Myth : "Starve a fever, feed a cold," or is it "feed a fever, starve a cold"?
Fact : Neither! Fevers and colds both require adequate nutrition. While children may not have an appetite for many foods when they are sick, it is still important to frequently encourage food and fluid intake.

Myth : Chocolate and fried foods cause acne.
Fact : Research has not shown a connection between the consumption of chocolate and/or high fat food intake and the appearance of acne. Acne is primarily associated with hormonal changes in adolescence.

Common Myths & FactsMyth : Fish is brain food.
Fact : Fish provides many excellent nutrients and is an excellent food choice. However, it does not have any special effects on brain development or learning.

Myth : Sugar causes hyperactivity.
Fact: Sugar has not been shown to cause hyperactivity. A modest intake of sugar is acceptable in the context of a balanced, nutritious diet.

Do you want to go through life feeling tired, needing a nap after you've eaten, overweight, bloated and overfull, nauseous, with intestinal gas, cramps or pains in your stomach, belching after you've eaten, with heartburn, constipation, foul stools, dull and slow thinking, depressed, highly emotional and so forth? If not then it's time to take a good look at what you're eating and not eating, how you're combining what you're eating and what you are drinking. In so many ways we are deeply affected on many levels by what we eat.

What we eat can make the difference between really enjoying a day and dragging ourselves through a day without any sense of joy or fun. What we eat affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It's not easy to have a loving and caring attitude when feeling fatigued, bloated, buzzing around from a sugar high or just feeling rather down and ill and not knowing why.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Smokers have lower IQ

Cigarette smokers have lower IQs than smoking Non smoking, and the more a person, the lower their IQ will be recruited according to a study of more than 20,000 Israeli military.

Noted Dr. Mark Weiser and colleagues at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, that young men smoked a pack of cigarettes per day or more had IQ scores 7.5 points lower than in nonsmokers. "Young people with lower IQ scores can be used for programs to prevent smoking to be targeted," they conclude in the journal Addiction.

Although there is evidence of an association between smoking and lower IQ, many studies on intelligence tests given in childhood, abandoned, and also have people with mental and behavioral disorders who smoke, and both tend to have rather low IQ, Weiser and his team found .

For a better understanding of the smoking-IQ relationship, the researchers looked at 2.0211 men who were 18-years-old and recruited into the Israeli military. The group does not contain all with large mental health problems, because these persons are excluded from military service.

According to the researchers, 28 percent of study participants smoked at least one cigarette a day, about three percent said they were ex-smokers, and 68 percent never smoked. The smokers had significantly lower scores of intelligence tests than non-smokers, and this remained true even after researchers concluded for socioeconomic status, how many years of formal education accounted for a recruit's father was measured. The average IQ was about 101 for the Non smoking, while smoking is 94 for men before they had begun the military.

The IQ steadily declined as the number of cigarettes smoked increased from 98 for men, The one to five cigarettes a day for up to 90 for those who smoked more than a pack per day smoked. IQ scores from 84 to 116 are shown as average intelligence.