Friday, March 19, 2010

Moon and Poet

The moon began to tell me what the night sky,
What strange creature is man!
problem its own problems as,
And then Jagta restless, not sleeping.

You know how old I am?
I've been looking for Manu Jnmte - die
And you a million times - the crazy one
Moonlight on the right to sit in the dreams.

Man's dream? Of water that bubble
Today and tomorrow, then split is made
But, still holding blessed person then?
Bubble plays, poetry creates.

I did not bid but my tonality,
See the moon again! You know me?
Dreams are my bubbles? Is that water?
What is the fire you do not recognize?

I do not who dream only right,
Strangled him make fire fighting,
And on that foundation will keep the new house,
Such a wall will raise steel.

No Manu, Manu - son in front of it, which
Edge is imagined in the tongue,
Ideas are not the only arrow,
Dream is also a sword.

To inform the emperor of heaven and --
They are climbing the sky every day,
Stop, remain as to the Swpnwalon,
They only have been heading to heaven

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