Friday, November 13, 2009

Vaastu in kitchen

Kitchen is the hub of your house from where the health of family members comes and Vaastu in your kitchen is supposed to make positive impact on the health and wealth of your family members. May be that is the reason why more and more housewives across Gurgaon are opting for Vaastu principles in the arrangement of their kitchens.

Kitchen is the only place in a home where two contrasting elements--fire and water--dominate. For proper functioning of the kitchen it is very important to balance the two.

"Our scriptures give lots of importance to the north-east direction. Kitchen is the most auspicious place in the house and if the kitchen is towards that direction then the result will always be positive because of the flow of positive energy from that side," says a vaastu expert.
"After taking possession of my house I found certain problems in my kitchen and I approached a Vaastu expert. Following his advice I made certain changes and obtained beneficial results," says Dr Gita Baruah Nath, resident of Richmond Park.

How practical is the advice of experts? "See Vaastu Shastra is quite scientific. I have derived cent per cent practical benefits from vaastu tips. The kitchen needs sufficient positive energy of Sun. Its rays kill all the germs and bacteria. Similarly, wind also carries away all offensive smells. Right now sufficient Sun rays enter into my kitchen with ample air. Thus vaastu is very practical for me," says Kiran Sharma, a resident of Nirvana in South City.

"In fact most of the kitchens and royal palaces of ancient India were built according to vaastu principles. Sadly during British period we lost interest in the rich treasures of our culture. People are again taking interest in Vaastu because now even westerners are using Vaastu in their kitchens and architecture. This is a positive trend," says Dr Ranjeet Mehta, a vaastu expert.
Even hotel kitchens are designed according to Vaastu. "I have designed kitchens in my hotels according to Vaastu. I am getting lots of positive results from it. Perhaps that might the reason why these days our food is getting yummier," quips Ajay Aggarwal, a hotelier and Vaastu believer.

"I had been facing lots of problems but according to Vaastu I have given vibrant colours to my kitchen. The direction of a small temple there has also been changed and I am now getting positive results," says Nira Bharioke, a lecturer from Delhi University.

The important thing is that without demolishing present structure one can bring about positive changes. For example if you are cooking non- vegetarian food then Vaastu prohibits you from keeping a temple and photos of the divine in the kitchen. It is really inauspicious and turns everything towards negative direction.