Monday, March 22, 2010


The feet are the part that we see less of our body but not for that reason less important. We must proporzionarloro due attention to keep them in harmony. Care Hygiene washing them daily and use a pumice stone while bathing to flake off the sole of the foot and heels to prevent callus and harshness.

After they have washed, dry them carefully, especially between the toes, because the moisture makes the appearance of mushrooms. Idratali with special creams that do not lose their softness and elasticity. Use talc antitranspirante.

Do not use shoes or slippers without socks in summer or if you walk a lot, because the excessive moisture in the feet can cause injuries and infections. Here we come to give you some advice for the care and hygiene of the feet.
Do not use the same socks for more than a day if you are perspiring, and regularly wash their shoes. Being barefoot on a clean surface to aid circulation. Choose the appropriate footwear. Should not tighten any of the fingers or be uncomfortable in heels or soles. Do not abuse the shoes with high heels or those who have no arc defined as slippers.

If you notice the appearance of severe hardships or note changes in color or thickness of the skin, consult a podiatrist. He will help you improve the health of your feet.

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