Friday, April 1, 2011

Internet commerce grew in Argentina

The Internet commerce grew last year in Argentina at 48%, to about 1,938 million dollars, highlights a report released today by the Argentina Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE).

The report highlights that growth responds to the increase in the number of Internet users in 2010 reached 26.5 million, and increased choice of goods and services by businesses.

32% of internet users makes commercial transactions online, "said the study also shows that 92% of Web commerce was concentrated among businesses and consumers.

"If we consider that 49.3% of internet users regularly consulted on the web to make their purchase decisions, the amount of generated represent 3% of total retail sales in Argentina and 1.93% GDP (Gross Domestic Product), "said the chairman of the commerce chamber, Patricia Jebsen said in a statement.

He noted that studies business chamber, making it likely that Internet commerce in Argentina will grow "at least" 43% this year to some 2,750 million dollars.

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