Thursday, October 29, 2009

Old Fashioned Values in a Modern World

As you look around your current domain, it seems as if everything that you once knew as a truism is no longer exactly what you thought it was. Vinyl records moved into tapes and then CDs and now DVDs and MP3s are the “albums” you see.

Once the landline phone was the only way to talk to folks. Then came CB radios, Pagers, Cell phones, Satellite phones and now we have Video Phones Voice Over IP and other wireless communications about to be unleashed upon us.

Once, in order to become rich and famous in the music industry, you needed a major record label with a lot of money to push you on people. You needed talented musicians to actually play the music and today all you need is a computer and some software to record and produce that same music.

You know though, for as much as technology has changed, it is the old fashioned things in life that always seem to seep through and rise up to the top.

For as much as people like the instant gratification that is available in today’s Internet savvy world or virtual this and imitation that. There is still nothing like going and seeing a great rock band live at incredible volume where the bodies and sound waves bounce off each other as you soak up way too much alcohol and then sneak away to the local eggs and bacon joint to try and sober up before the sun comes up.

The whole experience of listening to some dude “spin” MP3 mixers of dance tracks just doesn’t cut it for me, or for many of the people out there clubbing today. It’s just that since it is cost effective for the club, it gets done and people eventually accept it.

It’s the old fashioned things that work like actually watching a bar tender pour a shot from a bottle with some personality rather than push a button on a gun to give you God knows what and coke in your glass.

One thing that really works well in today’s modern age and still maintains some old world integrity is the freelance market. It is a stage where the playing field is level and everyone has the equal chance of impressing a potential client. You can live in Middleville USA and get hired by someone on Madison Avenue as long as what you do is better than the competition.

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