Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Guard against hypertension in winter

Winter is not only about dry skin and hyperacidity. Winter can also bring or aggravate more serious problems like irritable bowel syndrome, piles and hypertension. Peripheral vasoconstriction due to cold is blamed for elevated blood pressure during winter. Ayurveda believes that during cold weather if Agni is under-utilized, over-utilised or abused, then it gives rise to hypertension and cardiac problems related to hypertension.
Symptoms of hypertension:
1) Headache
2) Restlessness
3) Palpitation
4) Insomnia
5) More sweating
6) Chest pain
7) Irritability
8) Fatigue.
If not diagnosed and treated early, hypertension can lead too many serious complications like heart failure, paralytic stroke, retinal damage, kidney damage etc. Care should therefore be taken to avoid hypertension during winter.

Care to be taken:
Avoid deep fried and spicy food. n Avoid more sun exposure, especially after mid-day.
Avoid mental stress, anger.
Sleep at least seven hours continuously.
Regular walking and yogasan are also useful.
Avoid extreme fasting.
Avoid smoking, alcohol and having more salt.
Drink plenty of water.
Persons having history of hypertension should regularly check their blood pressure.
Add one table spoon of pounded Dhania seeds in one cup of water, keep overnight and on an empty stomach take this water as a protection against blood pressure.

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