Thursday, September 3, 2009

Three Common Mistakes Made on Dates by Women

First dates are more about not make mistakes because if he asked you on a date you already made a good impression. Women are often making mistakes on first dates and wondering why men do not stick around for a second date. Well here are some of the common mistakes made on first dates that drive that man away.

1. Not letting the man take charge of the date- Every women dread being asked what do you want to do? Women please do not jump to the conclusion he did not plan an evening for you. Most man just want to know your prefer and want to get to know you better. Most asks the question because they are worried about planning something you do not like. They instead choose to avoid rejection, rather than making a mistake. Ladies do not use this as your opportunity to pump the man pockets or go place you would otherwise go or afford to go. When asked what you want to do, just simply reply “I don’t know what did you have in mind?” This would make him feel like He the man, he is doing his job of pleasing you.

2. Don’t pay for the Meal- The first date is all about the man pleasing the woman. Men consider this an insult when you offer to pay for the first date. Paying for the meal is viewed by the man as a sign you are not interested. I know us women are equal in the workplace, school and other place, but ladies we must sometimes play the role of the woman. Just because we have gain equal roles next to men in recent years, dating is still the one area equal rights do not exist. Equal rights don’t exist in dating for good reason men enjoy the chase of courtship. Remember the first date is all about pleasing you, he don’t mind spend the extra money.

3. Last, but not least don’t have sex on the first date- Having sex is the quickest way to ruin a potential great relationship. Men are driven to prove their power themselves, they measure their by what or whom they conquered. Once men have conquered something they get bored and move on to something new. Women keep in mind the more a man invests in something, the more he values it. This may sound redundant but the more you hold out from giving the man sex the more power you have in the courtship. So women hold out on sex.

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